Crop Monitoring & Reporting

Field & Plant Health Monitoring

On-demand field and plant services locate and identify abiotic and biotic factors that can affect yield. Our unique aerial and below the canopy diagnostics reduce the time and cost of crop scouting and analytics.

Services in Action

Outcome Driven Crop Monitoring

Aker’s speed, depth, and reporting tools empower ag professionals and enable them to shift from a reactive risk mitigation approach, to an informed plan of action.

Advanced Remote Sensing for Insect Pest Control

Field walks and pest traps are how Brazil’s cotton growers attempt to accurately assess insect outbreaks. Not anymore. Learn how our patented TrueCause™ sensor and crop monitoring systems performed.

Aker Reporting: Custom Reports & Interactive Product Websites

With field problems and stressors quickly identified, rely on our custom reporting tools that transform the volumes of environmental and field data into easy-to-absorb reports — and even websites.

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Our 3-Day Guarantee

We are so confident in the Aker Solution, we back it with our unique 3-day guarantee. Field flyovers and results back to you — sorted and ready for analysis — in 72 hours, or it’s free.

It’s that simple.