Save money and scout smarter with the new version of AkerScout.

Spring is here, and we are thrilled to announce an updated version of AkerScout™ for iPhone/iPad and Android. We have been working hard to add more features without compromising simplicity and reliability.

AkerScout™ is a FREE (no strings attached) and easy to use mobile crop scouting tool for growers, enterprise ag retailers and crop consultants to help prioritize, document and share integrated pest management scouting observations. We have NO limits on user accounts, storage, scouting observations recorded or acres in the system.

What’s New in 2018…
– Order high-resolution imagery* (premium)
– Ability to create farm and fields
– Easy-to-create field boundaries (CLU or drawn via mobile)
– Yield calculator (in partnership with Pro-Farmer)
– Support for multiple crop seasons per year
– Easy to assign a scouting task to yourself or others
– Now over 50+ crop types supported

And we improved…
– Ability to add pins and annotations (desktop only)
– SSURGO soil layer (desktop only)
– Manage unlimited growers, agronomist, scouts accounts
– Offline operation support for low Internet areas
– Capture geo-referenced field images
– Improved reporting (print and online)
– Download all your scouting data
– Fully integrated pest management recording
– Access via mobile app or online desktop

* Our high-resolution imagery service is available nationwide and quickly delivered to your AkerScout™ account.  Each field that we survey is reviewed by a staff of professional agronomists. Yes, that’s an actual person! We then identify areas of interest that you should scout first. Call +1-507-‭893-4545‬ to learn more about our premium services.

Thousands of users across 21 countries agree that AkerScout™ supports better in-season decisions that save time and protect crops, all this without spending a penny.



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