The Aker Solution

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Crop Intel: Over the Canopy to the Soil Line

Aker’s services, which include drone technology, the patented TrueCause sensor, and machine-learned crop analytics, drive smart, cost-effective, and sustainable treatments that build and drive grower trust.

Aker’s patented, automated, and smart technology takes precision agriculture to the next level.

Overhead, under the canopy, and even down to the soil line — Aker provides nationwide reliable, actionable crop health and pest maps that drive financially smart treatment decisions.

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No Two Fields Are Alike

During the growing season, in-field environmental variability and other challenges always emerge, making every insight an opportunity for the agriculture professional.

That’s why many precision farming teams across the country look to Aker for field services that improve crop insights and ROI for growers.

The Aker Solution Delivers

Location-Specific Data

Location-Specific Data

Data gathered and geolocated with pinpoint accuracy



Aker’s patented drone system capable ready to capture above and below crop stressors from leaf tip to the soil line

Robust Diagnostics

AI Assisted Diagnostics

Digital agronomy analytics powered by machine learning for quick and power in-season recommendations

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