Technology and Field Services

Aker has a large on-demand nationwide fleet of drone pilots, field scouts and certified agronomists to support your long-term satisfaction. This “done for you service” model combines our technology and field staff with your staff to augment your capabilities or deliver a turnkey solution.

TrueCause™ Above

The most accurate, timely and cost-effective digital agronomy tool to measure disease, weed pressure, and stand-count across your entire enterprise.

TrueCause™ relies on off-the-shelf drones (e.g. DJI) along with Aker’s software for drone scouting near crop height with machine learning to quickly analyze field collection results.

Aker supports a wide range of indications or stressors and the machine-learned platform automatically classifies the most relevant field insights.

TrueCause™ Below

The most advanced under-the-canopy sensor array scouting technology in the market today. TrueCause™ technology and patented probe equipped with computer vision and environmental sensors can be configure in a handheld configuration for small plot collection or attached to a drone for directed routing and scouting.

  • Insect & Disease Damage
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Weeds
  • Operational Deficiencies
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • CO2 and O2 Measurements
Field data
Crop health map

Full Nationwide Service

Top brands trust Aker and our nationwide pilot network to conduct large product field trials to discover compelling stories that illustrate their product effectiveness. Aker can serve your needs, whether you use our technology to do-it-yourself, or you need a helping hand to execute large field collection tasks.


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Field services results are guaranteed based on your expectations. It’s that simple.