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From Fields To Fingertips

Top brands trust Aker’s precision agriculture technology to collect accurate and scalable in-field data to accelerate the adoption of new treatments, while also helping suppliers and retailers build trust with their growers.


  • Discover and highlight compelling stories that illustrate effectiveness

  • Generate marketing and sales collateral — from brochures to sales sheets

  • Create microsites to drive grower engagement
professional services

Data Retention & Integration

Our secure, cloud-based archiving capabilities enable current field findings to be informed by historic data and imagery.

  • Compare year-over-year results

  • Evaluate on-farm trial product performance

  • Generate custom reports to train and increase the productivity of field staff

  • Share insights via your in-house dashboards made possible with Aker’s secure API

Today’s product development life cycles average nine- to 12-years. The volume of data generated and retained on multiple systems throughout the process is staggering. Data silos can result, along with the loss of important insights and findings.

That’s not the case with Aker’s retention and integration services. Our customers can rest assured their data is:

  • Secure

  • Easily accessible and shareable

  • Integrated on their own proprietary platform (if needed)

  • Flowing where needed for updates
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Agronomy Consultation & Review

Once the flyover is done, Aker’s machine-learned technology takes over to sort the images. Thousands of field images are combed through in minutes.

Our smart technology automatically detects and classifies your specified stressors and phenotypic qualities. Then, using Aker’s industry-leading AI and proprietary models, these results are correlated with other environmental and input data to generate comprehensive field insights. After you verify the accuracy of our diagnostics, Aker and our team of agronomists do the rest.


Classified Stressors

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What does this all mean? Fewer worries for you helps keep focus where it needs to be — finding yield-maximizing crop solutions.