The Aker Solution

Aker’s patented, automated, and smart technology takes field data collection to the next level.

Overhead, under the canopy, and even down to the soil line — Aker provides nationwide reliable, actionable crop health and pest maps that drive financially smart treatment decisions.

All of this with a 3-day guarantee. Have Aker fly your fields, and 72 hours later, you’ll have what you need—or the flyover is on us.

The Aker Solution Delivers

Location-Specific Data

Data gathered and geolocated with pinpoint accuracy

Nationwide Network

Crop health maps brought to life using vivid visualization tools


Aker’s patented, under the canopy sensor that captures crop stressors from leaf tip to the soil line

Robust Diagnostics

Archived and sorted agronomist-reviewed data and imagery

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The Aker Solution