Aker expands service to Arizona and Imperial Valley regions

Aker is pleased to announce general service availability across Arizona and Imperial Valley regions starting this spring. This expansion is possible because of our new agent and service partnership with BPG Designs with offices in Tempe, AZ and Carlsbad, CA.

“We are excited to partner with the BPG team as they have over 17 years of successful experience working with the most innovative technologies and demanding customers in the region,” said Orlando Saez, Co-Founder & CEO of Aker.

“BPG Designs has established roots in this community. Further we have significant mapping assets and a deep understanding of GIS, which we are ready to deploy for the benefit of our new agricultural clients. Aker brings agronomy insight to help convert images into value for large growers and retailers,” said Nikolas Smilovsky, Mapping Department Director.

“BPG Designs and Aker will bring a proven platform to the heart of vegetable growing region of the United States. Retailers and growers using Aker has added support for many crop types in this region so growers will be able to better protect their valuable crops, and make better decisions during the growing season,” said Cameron Perry, Agricultural Product Manager at BPG Designs.

Aker is an in-season crop monitoring and autonomous scouting solution for farming globally. Aker enables proactive observation and directed scouting to alert of adverse environmental conditions impacting crop health and yield.

To learn more about how Aker is helping retailers and grower’s bottom line, visit aker.ag for further information.

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