Digital Agronomy
Created By Farmers

We seek to inspire and impact agriculture with practical digital agronomy tools that create value in a partnership with growers. Our work empowers our customers with trusted and timely answers to plan and manage every field.

Our Vision

To inspire and influence agriculture through practical technologies that create value in partnership with growers. We listen to growers and embrace their top issues to deliver reliable and timely answers to plan and manage every crop field.

Activate Your Farm

Enable TrueCause™ drone field collection, logistics and proprietary machine-learned software with satellite alerts to scale effective crop management decisions.

Simplify Your Operations

Plan and track your field’s potential all season long using our patented technology.

Crop Health Index

A quick and easy way to allocate resources and prioritize scouting for fields in need of attention based on crop performance for better timing of all your in-season treatments.

TrueCause™ Above

The ultimate field collection software companion for your drone to discover in-season weed, disease and other stress in less time to optimize treatment.

TrueCause™ Stand Count

Assess yield potential on emergence and generate re-planting prescriptions.

Soil Maps

Instantly create soil zones with directed soil sampling points to support your seeding and fertility prescriptions.

Get Results

Plan and optimize your field’s potential all season long using tools made for you.

Bill Voyles

Stand count & replanting

“A great tool that takes out the hassle of where to place the planter down, which is a big decision to save me time and money. It was super-easy to use. I love it.”

Bryon Coffman

Improving Soil Zones

Using satellite technology in better ways to derive faster soil zones with directed sampling.

Dustin Shoemaker

Environmental Damage

“We didn’t know we had wind damage.” Aker not only alerted to the damage, but also quantified it.

Derrick Warren

Importance of Plant Health

“We had no idea there was a problem out there.” Stress alert capture to direct ground field scouting more efficiently.

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